Grant Sabin

Set Designer



Design and Scenic Art Experience


Productions                                 Theater/Company                    Year         Director

Circle Mirror Transformation              Victory Gardens                     2011          Dexter Bullard

Invasion of Skokie                             Chicago Dramatist                  2011          Richard Perez

Sweet Tea                                        About Face Theater                2010          Daniel Jones

Garage Rep                                     Steppenwolf Theater               2010          Devon de Mayo

Scientology Pageant                         Next Theater                           2010          Kathryn Walsh

It’s a Wonderful Life                          Biograph/American Blues        2009-11     MartyHigginbotham

 Lucinda’s Bed                                 Chicago Dramatists                  2009          Jessi Hill

God’s Ear                                         Viaduct/Dog and Pony             2009           Krissy Vanderwarker

Old Times and Lives                         City Lit Theater                        2009           Terry McCabe

Stupid Kids                                       About Face Theater                2009            Bonnie Metzgar &

                                                                                                                            Megan Carney

Whiff of Anarchy                               The Seldoms                           2009            Darrell Jones

Faster                                               The Side Project Theater        2009            Joannie Schultz

The UN Inspector                              Next Theater                            2008            Jason Loewith

Forbidden Broadway                         Royal George Theater            2008             John Freedson

Hedda Gabler                                    Dog and Pony                         2008             Devon de Mayo

Dashiell Hamlet                                 City Lit Theater                        2008             Mike Nussbaum

Augusta                                             ATC                                         2008            Nora Dunn

Fat Boy                                             A Red Orchid Theater              2008            Guy Van Swearinger

Lord Butterscotch                             Gallery 37/Blindfaith                 2007            Nicolas Minas

A Prayer for My Daughter                 Mary Arrchie Theater               2007            Si Osdorne

The Hound of the Baskervilles          City Lit Theater                        2007            Kevin Theis

4H Club and Cowboy Mouth              Mary Arrchie Theater              2007            Hans Fleischmann

Crossing California                            Lifeline Theater                      2007            John Hildreth

Forbidden Broadway S.V.U.               Royal George Theater           2007            John Freedsom

Mr. Marmalade                                  Gallery 37/Dog and Pony        2007            Krissy Vanderwarker

The Juniper Tree                               City Lit Theater                       2007            David Cromer

Blasted                                              A Red Orchid Theater             2007            Karen Kessler

The Gift                                             Chicago Ballet Co.                  2006

Dead City                                           Raven Theater                       2006            Jarrett Dapier

The Hothouse                                    A Red Orchid Theater             2006            Dado

Henry Hettinger                                 The Side Project Theater        2006            Steven Cohen

The Last Supper                                Chopin Theater                      2006             Mitch Golob

Leaving Iowa                                      Overture Center, WI               2006             Tim Clue


Awards and Recognition


Joseph Jefferson nominee                   Scenic design for Mr. Marmalade        Fall 2007

Joseph Jefferson nominee                   Scenic design for The Sea Horse        Fall 2006

Recipient of the Michael Merritt Scholarship for Collaboration in Theater      Spring 2006

Freshman Achievement in Theater Scholarship-Columbia College                Spring 2002

Best of Show for textile design

(awarded full scholarship to Milwaukee Institute of Design)                             Spring 2001




Krissy Vanderwarker                          Scott Miller                           Matt Dudley

Artistic Director                                  Production Manager             Production Manager

Dog and Pony Theater Co.                Victory Gardens                   Northwestern University

                                                                                                       Cherubs Program

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